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Calling All 21st Century Learners!

As we all navigate the current learning landscape together, it’s so helpful to check in with each other and find out what’s working, what we can improve and what’s to be expected in the future. We’ve found ourselves lucky to work alongside teachers, administrators and thought leaders to get their ideas -- now we want to ask the kids, our 21st Century Learners, what they think! We’ve teamed up with Les Tablettistes, a bilingual forum held February 17th in Toronto, Canada that brings together leaders in education, media, and tech to explore the challenges and opportunities for the future in a digital world.

Check out these three new Wonderment Paths and have your students tell us what they think: What kind of technology tools do you like using in school? What's your favorite and why? What was school like for your parents? What do you think school will be like in 100 years? The Creations and ideas that come from your students and their global peers will be featured at Les Tabllettistes next month -- shared with a group of people passionate about creating policies and ideas that influence education. Our friends at WorldVuze are continuing the discussion with global learners on their site, check it out! Questions or ideas to add to the project? Let us know!


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