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SWSWEdu 2016: Sheriff Bus to Mobile Library - How Kids Remix Social Good

We just returned from a fantastic week in Austin at SXSWEdu. To participate and share in the energy of passionate educaters and change makers is our happy place.

We were priveledged to speak at Thursday's Playground: Sheriff Bus to Library: How Kids Remix Social Good, and tell the story of what happened when a group of kids and teachers in Chimaltenango, Guatemala came together with kids around the world in the Wonderment, to create a mobile library.

The project started with an idea from kids: What can we do to improve kids' attitudes toward literacy in our community?

Kids all over the world came together to participate in creating a magical mobile library from a 1988 sheriff bus. The contributed in many awesome and surprising ways to make the idea come to life.

Watch the story of the mobile library:

Thank you to everyone who attended, supported and continue to be part of this unfolding story! We felt a resounding message all week from so many people & organizations who are working to support the same idea: there's something really special that happens when we give kids the tools and spaces to create the change they would like to see.

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