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Where Do You Live: Beyond Textbooks

Rollercoasters make Texas fun!

Textbooks conventionally spell out an area's representative animals, plants, and colors. These fun facts speak to tradition and commonality among citizens. However, when a student is asked what they love about the place they live in, they might not always give credit to the state bird.

Students at Reynold's Elementary in Texas, looked at the textbook and then beyond to connect with their state while working on the Wonder Map. Finding special or personal things to enjoy makes a place more than just a dot on any map.

Spending time learning about a city, state, or country can inspire WONDER! Many times, the places we live in contribute greatly to the people we are. Other times, a foreign land calls in a way that is hard to understand, but just feel right. As Reynold's students get to know special places around the Wonder Map, they also learn how to better enjoy the place they call home.

Find out more about what our Texas friends shared on the Wonder Map.

Now on to spelling!

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